"It is never wrong to take freedom for yourself... It is never right to take the freedom of another."

What is
That term comes from the idea that freedom is never given, but inherent and resident in the individual
if the individual is willing to protect his/her rights, powers and freedoms against constant attacks, denials and temptations.

The idea that freedom can be granted or that it is a "benefit of citizenship" is based on defective logic. Anything that must be granted to you cannot be your freedom because someone apart from you is controlling the granting of it.

The only true freedom is that which you imagine, take and protect for yourself. If you look to someone else for your freedom you are demonstrating that you do not understand what freedom is. Freedom is taken.

This does not mean freedom should be taken rudely or selfishly. Of course we must have the wisdom to know the boundaries of our freedoms and have respect for the freedoms and rights of others.

When to Compromise?
We compromise with the most valuable and important people in our lives, our family members and our trusted friends. There should be no compromise with strangers and institutions that make claim on our rights and property.

"No compromise" means all parties who wish to have any relationship or transaction with us must act in absolute transparency and accessibility, with high integrity, full accountability, never presuming contracts with us, honoring our rescissions of contract without question or hesitation, getting fully informed and voluntary consent from us for everything they do that affects us or that costs us, upholding EVERY provision of our Constitution and disregarding any and every unconstitutional statute, code, regulation and policy. This level of freedom does not currently exist in America or any other country, but it is the ideal, and it can easily achieved when a large enough fraction of the population demand it ... without compromise.

Not everyone understands or agrees with these positions. To some, the taking of power and rights is considered a natural function of government and a corporate entitlement. They believe we must forfeit rights and freedoms to have a "civil and orderly" society. We at FREEDOM TAKER believe otherwise. Honor and accountability is only found in individuals, not in institutions.

To see if you agree with the purposes of this site visit the above link to "FreedomTaker Philosophy" and see the paragraphs below...

Our "protectors" have created an endless and growing series of crises, disasters and wars and dangers as a means to cause fear and to hold power. As governments, globalists, banks, courts, corporate oligarchs, bureaucracies and wealthy elites watch their frauds come unraveled, their debt obligation charts turn vertical and their currencies fail, as the public begins to recognize that not just politics, but even terrorism, wars and disasters are calculated mechanisms of public manipulation and control by the same small cabal of moneyed elite, as those power players demonstrate ever more desperation to control, tax, exploit, "suspect" and penalize everyone and everything in sight, basic freedoms and rights have been disappearing faster than we have been defending them, and that trend is now accelerating rapidly.

It is impossible to please the countless policies and false masters who seek to control and exploit us. Their hope is that we fail to comply and thereby be classified as "wrongdoers" and be subject to even more control and economic exploitation.

We get psychotic and contradfictory messages from our institutions and media. They entice us to "consume" to preserve the economy and pay more taxes while they penalize us for "causing too much release of carbon".

They zone our jobs far from our homes, then condemn us for commuting and polluting.

They say we must have "economic growth" while taxing economic growth at punishing levels.

As we are bombarded with technology we are blamed for our use of it causing "global warming".

Rather than bringing standard criminal justice against real terrorists they strip-search every American who passes through an airport and kill villages full of innocent Afghanies with unmanned drones.

We are being squeezed into impossible traps of control and penalization by irrational collectivist agendas and ideologies.

By declaring a contrived crisis of "man-caused global warming", elites empower themselves to criminalize us for merely breathing. At the same time, each one of those elites who lecture us and claim authority over us consume hundreds of times the resources of the average person for maintenance of their personal lifestyles.

Centralized control and policies that serve only the policymakers must be put away. Stale assumptions about "authority" must be seriously questioned for their failures, incompetence and corruption. Our "authorities" have created a public debt so massive that it can never be settled. In spite of the fact they did that without our consent and knowledge. they have the control mechanisms in place to drain our assets and earnings to service that debt without even asking if we approved of the debt or if we consented to be debtors. No person alive should be allowed to create debt upon another without written consent and fair exchange.

Society's "planners" and "leaders" have caused millions of people to die in senseless and counterproductive wars, they have enslaved three-quarters of the world to the service of fraudulent fiat currency-based debt while they use schools and media to condition us to believe they are "competent leaders" against all evidence.

between 2008 and 2014 a major percent of America, an astonishing 30% of all homeowners stand to lose the the roofs over their heads due to bank fraud and government corruption, failures and defective policies and official enforcement and protection of corporate agendas.

Police are becoming militarized and committing atrocities unheard of just a few years ago. Unmanned drone aircraft are being deployed within our borders in surveillance of a supposedly free population.

In the name of "security" our "authorities" are putting global peace and stability at greater and greater risk every day with utterly sensless military actions while causing country after country to fear, hate and swear vengeance upon America and Americans. Our "authorities" have now shown themselves to be total failures, if not our most determined enemies.

We do not need centralized control and institutional seizures of our power, wealth, rights, property and future.

This web site exists to search for and offer REAL SOLUTIONS to the major challenges and assaults upon the individual's rights, wealth, property and self-determination by "the collective", the institutional and political puppets and their puppetmasters behind the curtain.

If you have a solution that RETURNS power and rights to individuals, make sure to send us something about it that we can post. And if you need a solution like that, this will be a good place to look.

Please look over the topics on our resources page and contact us if you have any knowledge or connections to empower free individuals in those areas. We WANT to put a link up for your solution if it can be verified.

We want your video, redacted court filing documents, your proven ideas and methods of fighting the beasts otherwise known as corporate-controlled government, globalists, statists, police states, monopolies, unconstitutional statutes, and all forms of institutional force and control. Support of government must be voluntary, earned and deserved by a just and efficient government working in the public interest. Any government agency, program or action not demanded by the vast majority of Americans is illegitimate agency, program or action.

On this site we plan to minimize theory and speculation and maximize real answers and solutions. The times have changed. People need help and they need results. People need remedies against predatory lenders, excess taxation, property seizures, militarized police, personal control and manipulation by government, currency-controlling banks and globalist agendas.

FreedomTaker.com, like millions of other people and organizations, intends to be part of the solution, a resource and benefit to anyone who values freedom, individual sovereignty and self-sufficiency. We are losing these things at this point in history, but those losses are waking a lot of people up, and many of us are waking up angry.

Sadly, fighting for freedom is not generally done by only those who are materially comfortable or who cannot see the dangers ahead of them. Those who are blind and compalcent are the first to be defeated and destroyed at the crest of the collapse. Those who are hungry and desparate are more likely to drive and welcome a revolution. Hunger and desperation is currently a growth industry nearly everywhere. Every act of official corruption, waste and injustice creates a new group of disenfranchied revolutionaries. In fact, considering the litanny of crises created by our corporate and governmental institutions, disenfranchised revolutionaries may be our nation's fatsest growing demographic segment.


This site places no cookies, uses no scripts and does not store visitor data without request to, and agreement from the visitor.

This website does not contain legal advice, professional advice or expert advice. This site is for entertainment purposes only. Before applying any information from this site verify the information with qualified sources for truth and value.


DISCLAIMER: The following is not legal advice, is not prepared by attorneys and only represents the opinions of FREEDOMTAKER. We recommend a consultation with your attorney to advise you on the information below.

The notice wording below is ALL YOU SHOULD NEED in a traffic stop to legally prevent unlawful search, seizure, civil forfeiture, detention and arrest unless you are involved the commission of a crime or unless the officer has a warrant for your arrest. In any case this provides good preparation and "sets the stage" for any legal actions or defenses you may undertake at a later time, and it provides excellent leverage against false, trivial and contrived allegations against you IF YOU REMAIN SILENT AND LET THE DOCUMENT SPEAK FOR YOU.

If you are simply accused of an infraction, and the officer has no warrant, by using the document below properly, you may be entitled to make claim of a LARGE SETTLEMENT against the officers and complicit parties if your property is taken or if you are detained without consent.

To avoid unlawful arrest you may choose to provide I.D. and sign a Notice to Appear, and then file civil and criminal charges and actions against the officers and their departments, supervisors and commanders later for failing to honor your reservations of rights (below). Again, consult an attorney on that.
In a traffic stop LET THE DOCUMENT BELOW SPEAK FOR YOU. Do not answer questions and do not offer any information about yourself or your activities. Do not engage conversation with the officers other than to remind them you have invoked your right to remain silent. Simply direct the officer's attention to the document below.

DO NOT print out this entire web page! Select and copy the text below and paste it into your word processor. Check the formatting and then print it out. If it prints on more than one page, staple them together. Keep several copies in your car at all times. The notice you present to the police should include ONLY the following text:


1)            I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all rights afforded me by the United States Constitution and the Constitution of any State or territory in which any incident of law enforcement against me may occur.

2)            I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my 5th Amendment right to remain silent and not be a witness against myself by speech or by action.

3)            I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my 6th Amendment right to have assistance of counsel. Do not ask me questions without my attorney present.

4)            I hereby invoke and refuse to waive my 4th amendment right to be free of unwarranted (non court-ordered) search and seizure. Your personal suspicions are not legal grounds for search, seizure or arrest unless supported by a court order or tangible evidence of an imminent and known crime (misdemeanor or felony) of which I am a likely perpetrator ("Probable Cause").

5)            I hereby deny consent for my detention and I hereby request to be immediately released from custody, arrest and detention, free to continue my private travels and business as is my right.

6)            Any failure or refusal by you or your associates to affirmatively, actively and expressly honor any of the above reservations of rights may be criminal violations and/or may cause unjust damage to me and my interests in which case, by your commission of unauthorized actions, you will and do agree to major personal debt and obligation to me for both remedy of, and penalty for, your violations and misconduct and you agree to pay all monetary claims on demand.

7)            If you do not release me immediately upon reading this notice I will presume you to be under the impression that you have authority and jurisdiction for my arrest for a crime (infractions are not crimes and consent must be obtained from the accused for any detention for an alleged infraction). If it should be shown at any time that you do not have full authority, cause and jurisdiction for my arrest you will be subject to civil and criminal penalty and obligated to major remedy to me. You agree to those terms by committing any unlawful or unauthorized force, command, detention or arrest against me.

8)            If you fail to release me upon presentation of this notice you will be required at a time in the future to show cause for any non-consensual detention (arrest). Your failure to show cause and jurisdiction upon demand will cause major debt and obligation of you to me for all damages, losses, harm, injuries and violations of rights, in addition to possible civil and criminal actions, allegations and reports against you personally.

9)            Under arrest and threat of violence by you and your armed law enforcement associates I will, under protest, be compliant and not resist any command you may issue unless I find it necessary to act in defense of my health and safety or the health and safety of others present as is allowed by law. I am competent to determine when acts of self defense are, and are not, necessary and justified. Unless you unjustly and/or unlawfully assault or commit battery upon me I pose no threat or danger to you or your associates.

10)          I have no intention to interfere with any law enforcement activity or objective and I have no intention to become “belligerent” or “agitated” or to cause any difficulty or hindrance to your authorized and legally compliant law enforcement activity. I will not be "provoked" unless you are provoking me with hostile threats and actions. I am not in protest or opposition against your office, your profession or any of your lawful actions. I am in protest only of your violations of my rights, if there are any, and of your misconduct, if there is any.

11)          Since I have and do rightfully deny consent for detention (above), by law you must now either release me or place me under arrest with cause, jurisdiction and proper process. In law, there is no such thing as “forced detention”. Detention is voluntary, arrest is forced. I request that you, at this time, clearly state under the above invocations of rights, one of the following as you are required by law: Am I “free to go” or am I “under arrest”. If you seek my lawful detention you must now declare my arrest and show cause and jurisdiction.

12)          If I am under arrest I refer you to the invocations of rights above. My cooperation and compliance may not, in any way, be interpreted as waiver of any rights at any time. My actions, while under threat of force and violence by law enforcement are under duress and, to avoid the violent potential of your armed presence I will comply with your directives and sustain limited personal disruption in the process to hold you accountable later. In any question of my compliance and cooperation, refer to the declarations and invocations above.

13)          Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.


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